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Denise D. Young

Stories from the Wild Wood

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A writer of paranormal romance and fantasy, I’m especially interested in the fae, magic, witches, and world mythologies, but there’s no telling what rabbit holes I’ll follow my characters down. My fiction runs the gamut from short stories to novellas to full-length novels, with settings from urban to earthy to subterranean.

I watch way too much Stargate, Charmed, and Buffy; have an off-the-wall sense of humor; and practice my own blend of magic and spirituality, hedge-witch style. I'm afraid of praying mantises, skydiving, and roller coasters but will eagerly run toward anything that goes bump in the night.

A Pennsylvania native, I currently live in Virginia with my husband and our household full of animals. I am a member of Romance Writers of America.

You can also keep up with me via Twitter, Facebook, or at my WordPress site.